House of Dog Training

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House of Dog Training in Colorado uses Gator Kennels for their special guests. Gator Kennels are made from HDPE plastic, which is FDA approved, naturally anti-microbial and fluid resistant. The kennels are not only easy to clean, and safe, but they also look very professional!

They ordered their kennels in 2020 and 2022, in multiple colors. They chose to order red, lime green, navy blue, and purple for their kennels! Their custom logo on the gates and the numbered headers looks great on all of the colors! The half solid bottom portion of the kennel gates allows the more timid dogs to duck behind and feel safe, while still leaving excellent visualization into the kennels through the glass top half.

House of Dog Training offers boarding, training, and day-school! Your furry friend can play, stay, and learn during their time there.

Your lovable pup will have a blast at House of Dog Training no matter what they are doing!