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Comfortably isolate two cats - one upstairs and one downstairs in this double-stack cat-cage system.

Each of the spaces is further divided into a living space, a space for the litter-box, and a play-space! The play-space has two shelves - providing more vertical places to play or hang-out!

Meets the USDA standards for long-term feline boarding, these kennels are perfect for Animal Rescues, Veterinarians, Boarders and Breeders!

Standard Features:

  • Clip-board clip - to keep track of the cat's needs.
  • Secure gate-latch - can be locked for even more security.
  • Separated litter-area - keeps the kennel more sanitary.
  • Wheels to make it easier to move for cleaning.
  • Slide-doors to keep the cats from escaping while cleaning the litter-areas.
  • Partial tempered glass gates.
  • Drip-lip™ - to keep fluids from running out the front of the kennel.
  • Over 10 sqft for each cat!
  • Can isolate 2 cats.
  • Trapdoor can be opened to allow the cats to roam the entire system (top/bottom).

Each unit is constructed from our durable PVC plastic for best comfort and easy cleaning.

Innovative materials:

  • Does not absorb water or urine!
  • Insect resistant.
  • Flame resistant.
  • chemical resistant.
  • 82% more insulation than plywood!
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Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for us to build and ship your kennels!

Ships fully assembled on heavy-duty casters (wheels)!!

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6 to 8 weeks.
Overall Width:
48 inches
Overall Height:
72 inches
Overall Depth:
30 inches

3 Reviews

Katie Nov 21st 2017


Our new kennels are perfect! They are gorgeous and so easy to clean, and having our logo on the front is the icing on the cake! Everyone loves them, including the cats. This was such a wonderful company to work with, they helped us customize our kennels to exactly what we needed. And the purple color is perfect! Thanks Gator Kennels!
ApexExotics Bengals

Ruth May 19th 2017

Thank you!

Our new kennels are up and running! They are so nice and easy to clean. The cats are enjoying the multi levels and hiding spaces as well. All of the visitors are impressed that our logo is on the front of every door. Thank you for helping us with these kennels. They are so wonderful and every one, including the cats, love them!
Humane Society of Lincoln County

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