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Bark of the Town, Pennsylvania

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Bark of the Town in Pennsylvania had great built-in kennels but they were in need of a face-lift! After a fresh coat of paint to the existing walls and new Gator Kennels gates, Bark of the Town was back in business and just in time for the holiday season! 

They ordered their tan fully-slotted kennel gates that features their custom logo and numbered gate headers in 2014. As with any cinder-block wall, no two are the same dimension, so each opening was measured individually. Each kennel gate was then made to those exact measurements, ensuring the perfect fit! Just one more benefit to ordering from Gator Kennels, fully customizable products in every way! 

Bark of the Town is a family owned and operated boarding facility that treats all guests as family. You never have to worry about your furry family member not receiving enough love and attention when they stay at this facility! Bonus, you can also take a peep at your pup using their kennel webcam while you are away.

Here's what Bark of the Town had to say about their Gator Kennels in 2019;

"We are very pleased with our kennel gates from Gator Kennels. Even though we installed them in late 2014 they look like they were installed just last week. We have had a few dogs that have chewed the doors but because of the material that the doors are made of the dogs weren’t able to do very much damage. They are easy to clean and keep clean. Our new customers always make a comment about how great the kennel doors look with our logo on them. We are very happy that we made the investment in purchasing the Gator Kennel doors!" Lauren R.

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