Animal Care Clinic North, Indiana

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Animal Care Clinic North in Indiana purchased Gator Kennels gates to replace their old chain-link gates. And boy what a dramatic face-lift it made! The existing block walls were utilized, allowing the clinic to save time and money by not having to replace them. 

The clinic purchased navy blue gates with the standard paw-print logo and numbered gate headers in 2018. The gates alternated between full-slotted and half-slotted design. 

Due to the existing walls, each gate was made with exact measurements to each opening. Not all openings using cinder-block walls are a standard size, therefore each opening needed to be measured individually for the gates to fit perfectly! 

Here is what Animal Care Clinic North had to say about their Gator Kennels:

"We absolutely love the gates and show them off at any chance we get. You are amazing, please keep up the great customer service!!! The quality of these gates is exceptional and the customer service is over-the-top. I would highly recommend Gator Kennels!!!!!" Kim T.

Animal Care Clinic North is a veterinary clinic that provides loving basic care, laboratory, pharmacy, and surgical services for your pet. Your furry family member is in great hands at Animal Care Clinic North!

These gates are part of our Signature Series kennels. 

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