ProFleece VetBed

Chocolate Lab sitting on a piece of red profleece vetbed.     We have teamed up with ProFleece, in England, to import this amazing material (also known as vetbed) to the United States!  Veterinarians, breeders, boarders and groomers alike use this soft material all over Europe and until now, it was hard to come by in the USA.

     Extremely Durable: ProFleece will not unravel, it is long lasting and lightweight. The unique fiber blend keeps your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It may be used indoors, outdoors, for kennel and vet pads, in the home as protection for furniture and upholstery, or as a great gripping surface to encourage the mobility of newborn pets.  VetBed is widely used by veterinary clinics, breeders, and pet lovers for orthopedic problems, incontinence, whelping, illness, surgical recovery and for the general well-being of our furry friends!

Frequently asked Questions:

     They are actually the same material. VetBed is the more common name used in Europe while ProFleece is a brand name.

     The material is incredibly easy to clean! Simply throw it in the washing-machine and tumble dry! If you get the non-slip ProFleece (with the rubber back) we recommend using LOW heat for the dry. We also recommend if you are using the vetbed for whelping or with animals with sensitive skin to NOT use detergent (as a residue can be left behind). Another option is to add a second rinse cycle.

     Not exactly. The material is synthetic, so it is not really absorbing the fluids - but the design of the material causes the water to wick away from the animal until it can air-dry.

     Absolutely! We recommend using a utility or carpet knife. You only need to cut through the back fabric part. You may get a little fluff that comes loose - but the material will not continue to fray!

     Yes! It is a great bedding material for rabbits, guinea pigs and more! It will not get pushed out of the cage like pellets or other bedding material and does not have the dust problem.

     Yes! It is made from synthetic polyester, so you do not have to worry about allergies. It is warm and yet soft for the puppies. It was originally developed to mimic the mother dogs' fur coat that the puppies would naturally be in contact with.