Dog kennel gate latch



Gate Latch:

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     The gate latch is the weakest part of any kennel system. The dogs know that this is the only thing standing between them and freedom and they spend amazing amounts of time trying to get out. Some dogs do figure out how to use standard latches and these clever animals are forever known as: 'escape-artists'.
     Not only do the latches have to handle the escape attempts from the occupants - they also have to hold the gate secure enough that the dog can't push a corner open and squeeze a paw or head through the gap. Gates that have latches that allow the occupant to squeeze through are not only insecure, but they are a potential hazard resulting in injury or death!
     Gator Kennels has spent many years developing its unique gate latch used on the dog kennels. The latch has a minimum of 3 points of contact which results in a strong, secure, and safe latch system. The 3 points of contact are designed to be at the most common places the dogs try to push to get out and keep the bottom corner of the gate held secure so the dogs cannot push a paw through.
     The gate latch itself is constructed from ½" thick HDPE plastic that drops into large eye-bolts. A lock on the top of the gate keeps the latch from being lifted to keep the escape-artists contained.
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