Cat Hotel

cat-hotel     The Cat Hotel has everything our feline-friends need! The enclosure is set up with one cat living upstairs and another living downstairs. The litter-areas are to the side (left or right per request) with an extra area that can be used for more living-space or storage.

 Cat Hotel cage-bank with tempered glass gates

 A typical Cat Hotel unit with tempered glass gates and a logo.



Gator Kennels' cat-hotel explained   


cat-hotel ready for cats! made by Gator Kennels

The spacious living areas have everything a cat needs (beds and litter-pans not included).


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cat-hotel-layout colors quote assembly
Layout Colors Quoting Assembly







All About Animals

     I want you to know that when I first looked at the kennels, what primarily made my decision was price. I needed kennels for approximately 1 year before I am relocating.


     After they were installed, I realized the kennels were not only esthetically beautiful as they do not have the harsh clamor of stainless steel, but the dogs love them! We have tile floors on the bottom of the kennel and the dogs walk right in! I think they think they are in their pantry at home which we both know is a place all dogs love to be! You will definately have my business for my future kennels.

Best regards, 
Elizabeth Hughes, DVM
Seffner, Florida


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