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Fast-Feeder System

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Include these fast-feeders to your order of Gator Kennels to reduce the time it takes to feed. Bowls rotate to allow you to feed without opening the gate! This system features a swivel-plate that two bowls hang on. Each bowl can be set independently so you can have one or two bowls in the kennel at a time. Dishwasher safe. BPA-free. Locks with the bowls in the kennel - or outside the kennel!

The fast-feeder has been shown to:

  • Reduce feeding time.
  • Reduce messes.
  • Avoid employee injury.

Two 2-quart bowls are included!

Fast-Feeder Assembly Instructions
Gator Kennels Product Catalog
Replacement Parts for Fast-feeder System

3 Reviews

  • 2
    Not usable at all!

    Posted by Andres B on 2021-12-08

    My dogs found out they can somehow open them up and one dog got it's head stuck! I removed the fast-feeder system and went to a different way to feed. Gator Kennels DID provide me with covers to permanently close the hole though. Gator's service was good - just the fast-feeders weren't. They need to be metal or something else.

  • 2
    Door Feeding System

    Posted by Jennifer H on 2021-08-10

    Overall we like the concept of the door feeding system however we find it just as easy to put a metal dish on the floor inside the kennel, and with less moving parts there is less hassle and less checks to make sure everything is locked in place. We decided to remove the feeders from our doors because of the few dogs that could pull them open.

  • 4
    Time saver - but I wish the bowls were metal.

    Posted by Corey on 2021-05-24

    My only complaint is that I wish the fast feeder bowls were metal or thicker composite type of material. Several bowels have broken due to an excited dog jumping up on the kennel gate and landing on the bowl.

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