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This piece attaches at the top of the gate to create a lock for the Signature-Series kennels.  Operational with one hand, these locks are easy to use - yet keep the gate secure!  This is a replacement part - the Signature Series Kennels and kennel gates come with this lock standard.

2 Reviews

Lauren Ritzman 2020-02-25


We just installed the new latch-locks on all our kennels and they look like they will provide extra stability for our kennel doors. Excited to have some of our "problem dogs" come back and try their best to open the doors and run the halls! We feel confident now that that's not going to happen anymore! Thank you for sending them out so quickly and not charging us for the replacement. You are indeed a professional, caring company! We are very satisfied!

Dave 2020-01-30

Don't forget to install and use this!

I did not install this piece when I got my kennels (because I didn't know what it was). It is a lock that keeps the dogs from lifting the latch. IT IS IMPORTANT - DO NOT FORGET TO INSTALL IT! I had a dog escape the kennel. After I installed this piece, he has not been able to get out. It looks simple and it is easy to use - so USE IT! Mine came with the gates I bought. I just wanted people to know how important it is.

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