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Dog Days & Cat Nights, New York

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Dog Days & Cat Nights in New York is situated in the perfect location to capture a lot of foot-traffic and they get a lot of teacup dog and cat guests. Located just outside of New York city space is precious, so the smaller kennels fit the limited area perfectly while still providing comfortable accommodations for all sized guests. 

Dog Days & Cat Nights have purchased many kennels over the years, first ordering in 2012. They utilize our Signature Series kennels, our Cat Hotel units as well as our Double Stack units. Their custom logo engraved on all of the kennel gates captures this facility's unique set-up and fun atmosphere!

Not only is Dog Days & Cat Nights located in a great area and have a unique boarding set-up, they also offer grooming plus a full retail store! Your four-legged family member will enjoy their cozy stay and have some relaxing spa time, don't forget to pick up a new toy for them during their stay!

So if you ever find yourself with your furry friends in the Big Apple, be sure to check out Dog Days & Cat Nights! 


This project uses
the following kennel series:
Cat Housing Double-stacks Signature-series kennels dog kennel gates
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