If you are looking for a kennel system, Gator Kennels has the solution! We use only the best materials - designed to stand up to many years of use.  Our kennels will not rot, rust, absorb urine, or burn!

For Animal Boarding:

We custom-build each enclosure to order. The enclosures are sized to maximize the space available, allowing you to house more animals, comfortably.  Extra features; such as glass windows, wheels, logos or designs can be incorporated into the kennel - ensuring you get the look as well as the function you need for your business.

For Animal Care:

In every project we do, we make sure that your needs - as well as your animals' needs are met.

For Peace of Mind:

You get a great return on your investment; an enclosure that is easy to clean and the peace of mind knowing that your animals are safe, secure, and comfortable.


For more information; Contact us!