Gate Upgrades

Our kennel gates come standard with clip-board clips, kennel numbering, and the large paw-print.


 Optional Kennel Gate Upgrades Include:

Tempered Glass:

     Tempered glass offers the best visibility into the kennel.  It also reduces noise by trapping the noise within the kennel.  While some do not like the fact the glass shows nose-prints, it is the only way to get an unobstructed view of the dogs inside.  We use tempered glass because it is harder to break, more chemical-resistant, and harder to scratch.  Some companies will try to use Plastic Polycarbonate (Lexan) but the plastic is prone to scratching and you must pay attention to the type of cleansers used on the material or it will yellow or cloud up.   Tempered glass should stay clear for its entire lifespan.


Fast-feeder System:

     Sometimes you just want to feed the dogs without having to open the gate and engage the dog.  Our fast-feeder system allows you to stay in the aisle and add food or water to the bowls.  Simply rotate the bowls into the kennel when you are ready.  A lock keeps the bowls in place (either in the kennel or out of the kennel).  We are using Kennel-Gear's bowls with the quick-connect clip system so you can remove the bowls when you need to clean and they are dishwasher-safe!


Kennel Flag System:

     Staying organized and keeping track of the dogs individual needs is important!  We developed a flag system to help you with those problems.  Simply designate a meaning to the color/length of the flag to remind yourself - or let a coworker know what is going on in that kennel.  Designate if the dog has a special diet, needs medication, needs a bath, or any other meaning you can think of!

These kennel gate upgrades enhance the professional look and functionality for any dog business!

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