Designed for smaller animals, the Double-Stack kennels save space by going vertical!  These units are groups of cages pre-assembled into cage-banks for strength and cost-saving. These unique and professional kennels are made to last a lifetime! Each unit is constructed from our durable PVC plastic for best comfort and easy cleaning using some suggested kennel cleaners.

We offer two types of double-stack units, which can also be called bank cages. We build one for boarding and one for grooming.  

The main difference is the Double-Stack for Grooming is constructed to allow cage dryers for dogs to be hung on the kennel gate. The slots are slightly wider to allow a greater amount of airflow for a more efficient drying process and the gate does not have tempered glass. Making this the ideal dog drying cage for groomers!

Both Double-Stacks feature kennels with dividers that have a removable panel giving you flexibility to make multi dog kennels or kennels for just a couple dogs all in one unit! The removable divide kennel panel does not require tools to switch out - allowing you to customize the unit on the fly. 

Customization is available for the kennel door. Choose to showcase your organization's logo, design or enjoy our standard paw print! There is a one-time artwork fee of $50 for your customized logo or design per project (it only costs $50 - no matter how many gates you buy!). The kennel doors can also be made in different colors, our stock colors are tan, lime green, navy blue, red with white, red with yellow, and white. Other colors are available with a minimum purchase amount. Please contact us for more details on custom colors. 

No matter what type of dog company you have, a boarding, veterinarian care, or grooming business, the Double-Stack units are essential!

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